What’s the success of Apple?

The success of Apple can be summed up in three words; style, innovation and reliability. If you actually look at the best home Internet businesses they have learned similar lessons. How do these factors, or ’secrets’ make a difference?

Style – Apple’s products have a strong focus on style or presentation. If you think back to the first MP3 players they were small, USB drive like and had a tiny LED screen. Then came the iPod™, something doing the same job but it had style and looked desirable. Apple’s product launch presentations are now actually studied as best practice.

I read an article which said that Steve Jobs was so good at presentations he had ‘earned’ the right as a CEO to wear a black casual shirt and jeans. Can you think of another CEO, apart from possibly Richard Branson, who would do a presentation dressed like he was going for a walk in the park?

Innovation – What is the benefit of the product to your niche market? How far does the product meet or exceed those expectations?

Reliability – Apple ensures the reliability by releasing the backup systems needed to get the best out of them, iTunes™ and iPhone and iPad working together seamlessly and with little technical ‘know how’.
Translating this into ideas for a Internet home business you can use them to improve your brand, because people enter into business with you. Social experiments have shown that people unconsciously prefer to associate with people and companies that demonstrate the above characteristics.

Presentation – Think about who your ideal business associate would be and tailor your all your online presentation to that imaginary person.
Innovation – You must have a passion for your product or service and believe it meets a unmet need or improves upon what already exists.
Reliability – This is about the systems that back up your business opportunity. If you leave it to the person to develop their own and you have a team of say 5 people, means you have to support 5 different systems. So having a business opportunity with a duplicatable system is definitely a plus. You only have one system to learn and support your business associates on.

So there is much the home business entrepreneur can take from Apple’s secrets to success and translate into their daily work.