Successful people live by a positive philosophy

In the introduction to his book The Slight Edge, Jeff Olsen emphasizes that ‘The Slight Edge’ is a philosophy. My idea of philosophy before reading this book was of a rather academic thing. Jeff however says that philosophy is basically your outlook on life, the values you live by.

Successful people have been found to live by a positive philosophy. He says a positive philosophy has some basic parts. A key part is that, counter to commonly held beliefs, truly successful people ‘get lucky all the time”, at school. work, relationship. However a legitimate top tier opportunity is never  “easy come”.

I work with people who take an online course so they can earn their HSE (high school equivalency) diploma, but I hear just excuse after excuse. They have so many excuses, I hear them saying, others get lucky and they (test takers and dreamers) are victims. OMG, these people need not only math and science lessons, they need a positive thinking course.

The story of the water hyacinth at the start of the book and shows the need to have these two things to be successful – persistence and time. If you plant a single water hyacinth in a pond it will cover an average sized pond in 30 days. The interesting thing about the story is several weeks can go by and you would never notice any real increase in the number of water hyacinths.

At day 15 you would notice a patch about the size of a mattress. By day 29 the pond would be 50% covered. Now your type of philosophy would come into play if you were asked, ‘Could the pond be covered by the remaining day?’

A negative person would interpret the length of time taken to date being that long that the pond could not possibly covered in the next day. A positive person would realize that a ‘tipping point’ had been reached, something dramatic is about to happen. They would realize in only 29 days 1 plant had steadily been doubling day by day and the next day 50% doubles to 100% hence covering the whole pond.

So this story illustrates the importance of time in becoming a successful entrepreneur. That time is different for everyone. However if anyone is prepared to do what is required to be successful day by day at some point in the future they will be successful. The really interesting thing is they will find it very difficult to know at what point they became successful, they just have.

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One of the most interesting questions often asked of home Internet businesses is, ‘Why are some business owners successful?’ A book that seeks to answer this question from a unique perspective is Jeff Olsen’s, The Slight Edge.

From the outset Olsen explains the book approaches the subject of success from the point of view of, ‘your philosophy of life’. This is because your philosophy or ‘outlook’ on life is what drives your attitude to life.

So in work from home careers the fundamental Slight Edge philosophy is that you can achieve success by doing small things positive things on a daily basis. You may be saying, ‘if it’s that simple why does anyone fail?’

That is the basic question the book seeks to address. Olsen provides the basis of his argument in the introduction. He says success and all the ways to earn extra money are available to anyone and are disconnected from level of intelligence or station in life.

It is linked to your general outlook on life. If you see a problem and think you will keep, ‘at it’, until you solve the problem you are more likely to be a success. If you see a problem and think you will, ‘give it a go’, you are less likely to succeed.

More on how why changing your life’s philosophy will give you an edge tomorrow.