What Is Your Personal Development Trajectory?

How are we improving over time? That’s a valid question, right?leader-small-1024x727

You see, I’ve been a big guy my whole life. At college I was a big guy, always having a job on the side, and always calculating what I was making. Through my early twenties and thirties, my weight varied from 240 to 270 pounds.  At almost six feet tall, it’s pretty safe to say….I was a chunky monkey.

Here’s where I was:

  • Married with kids
  • Working my butt off during the day
  • Fast Food Diet
  • I started work early so couldn’t hit the gym before work
  • I wanted to be home with the fam, so wouldn’t hit the gym after work
  • I hadn’t had success in the past working out at home
  • And to top it all off, when I became stressed I turned to food for relief!

Plenty of excuses to go around right?  Well, that’s the way I lived for the first decade of my married life.

Up to that point I had periodically done (and still do) a very effective personal development exercise.  I would meditate on this one question:

What’s the one thing I could change right now in my life that would make the most difference?

For years and years I had the same answer.  It was always to exercise and eat right. This was my one stumbling block…..for what seemed like ages.  I just couldn’t seem to kick it!


“Dude, you’re in your early thirties, you have high blood pressure, heart problems, and you’re overweight.  If you don’t make a massive change now, you won’t live to play with your grandkids!

And in that very instant my life, and my trajectory, changed forever.

The slingshot had been pulled back, aimed, and the projectile launched!  The course was set and there was no stopping me.

That was a year and a half and 65 pounds ago.

I’m here to tell you I conquered it, and you can conquer your stumbling block too.


Because Once You Launch:

You plow through obstacles

I knew I would only exercise at home with my family, so I bought an elliptical machine, rearranged the entire freaking house and planted that bad boy right smack in the middle of my newly converted bedroom so I could work out and spend time with my wife and fam at the same time.  Watch out obstacles!  I am an angry birdlike projectile heading for ya’!

Our Eye Stays Fixed on the End Goal

Every time I want to punk out I see this vision: myself sitting in the grass playing with my grandchild (my oldest child is 12), then I push through it, and will for the rest of my life.  And when ‘the day in the grass’ finally comes, I will see myself at their graduation.

You Overcome Setbacks With Ease

Sure, we all have off days.  So I blew it last week, and ate my butt off on vacation.  Big deal, I’ll work those three pounds off over the following week or two.  My momentum is so powerful it propels me to success…..grandkids, healthy life, nothing can stop me!  I’m not looking backwards, I’m looking forwards.


But why did it take me so many years to make this change in my life?  Because I hadn’t yet tapped the true source of power that fuels my motivation.

Here are some things that didn’t motivate me:

  • what the scale said
  • the compliments and attention from friends and family
  • that great feeling of punching new holes in my belt and buying new clothes

All those things are great, but they’re only skin deep.

It had to come from a deeper place.  But Why?

Because for me, this was not just about losing weight or looking good.  This was a spiritual problem, and required a spiritual solution.  For me, my source of power is my love for my family. The hope of living a long and healthy life with my wife, watching our children grow and develop into strong adults that make a difference in the world with families of their own.  This is the greatest thing I can envision on this earth, so it’s my greatest source of inspiration to continue being here.