Life Is A Team Sport – Choose Your Team Carefully

images-8In this last of 8 discussions on Robert Kiyosaki’s 8 New Rules of Money in his online collaboarative work, soon to be book,  The Conspiracy of The Rich.
This post focuses on his 8 aspects to integrity which he says if you follow you will be building your business of bricks that the next ‘big bad wolf’ can’t blow down.

His eight integrities are:

  1. Missionevery business should have a mission. I have recently discovered my true mission for A Peel Solutions which is to create as many wealth creation opportunities as possible for the disabled to raise them from the benefit trap. If you do not define your mission then you will feel off kilter and as if something is missing which is how I felt until recently. Now I have a mission it brings a whole new purpose to what I am doing in my business opportunities.
  2. Team – This is not just your business team but teams for the other dimensions of your life – health and spiritual. I have recently witnessed first hand the power of spiritual coaching and the impact it can have on your business. Many people think that spiritual beliefs and making money are somehow incompatible. This could not be further from the truth. We exist as human beings to develop to the fullest extent of our personal development as Wallace D. Wattles says in The Science of Getting Rich. To do this we need money, money is a form of energy just like any other form of energy and it allows you to grow and develop. Ask anyone who has no money and who is not supported by an organization like the Church how easy it is to develop without money? The same goes for health, the best health care costs money.
  3. Leader – The way to become a Leader is first to learn to become a Team Member, and many so called Leaders miss this step out. Then they wonder why they have problems motivating their teams later. As a Senior Manager of some 18 years I have always seen Leadership as a function of team membership not above it. Yes you take the responsibility and ultimate decision but this should always be on the basis of having carefully considered and weighed the advice of your team. This is why the banking crisis went so horribly wrong they did not foster a team culture, where people felt they could be transparent and open.
  4. Product – You must bring to the market a product that is relevant and up to date. If you do not continually strive to improve your products you will struggle to remain in business. In addition of your product is not in line with your mission then you will suffer. You will feel at odds with what your ‘gut’ is telling you. Your gut feeling is one of the best senses you have, if you walk away from a meeting about a product and your gut tells you it is wrong then trust your gut.
  5. Legal – Like it or not we operate in a society with rules. This means setting your business up on a legal footing and following the rules as efficiently as possible. This means an Accountant and a Lawyer/Solicitor for advice as a minimum.
  6. Systems – You have several systems and they must all function properly for you to be a success. As your business grows you will need more systems. This will involve some delegation but always remember you are responsible for ensuring your systems run smoothly.
  7. Communication – As a Project Manager I would say every failing project I was asked to pick up was failing because of a lack of communication. It is the single most important aspect of your business but one that is often neglected. As an example, Habitat. a huge brand name, decided to dip it’s toe into the social media market by opening a Twitter account to advertise it’s lines. But they left it to someone who obviously had no business integrity because they preceded each Tweet with a hashtag. A hashtag is a trending topic on Twitter and allows people to search on that hashtag, so at the moment #MichaelJackson is a hashtag. The problem for Habitat was the hashtags being used had nothing to do with their brand and they were even using other brands hashtags. The backlash on Twitter was phenomenal. It could have destroyed a reputable household brand’s reputation permanently. They have since issued an apology but the damage is done.
  8. Cash Flow – Learn to control your cash flow. This is the most important of the integrities because without controlling your cashflow the others will fail.