Learning The Craft: Astral Projection

So the latest skill that I am learning from my Feri teacher is astral projection (or traveling out of body). To prepare me, she had me read a book called Out of Body Adventures, which, while a tad dated, has some great practical how to information on overcoming fears and obstacles and the mechanics of making it happen. It’s an easy read and makes a seemingly daunting subject accessible.

I have traveled out of body before, but the outings were never planned. Sometimes I would start while sleeping and realize that I was not actually dreaming. I’ve met people and been places this way that I could recount in full detail.

Another time I was being led in a guided meditation in a high school class and just took off! I reported my adventures to my teacher, who was stupefied but attentive as I recounted my journey. But traveling intentionally with a purpose is a new activity to me, and I hope to get good at it.

In Feri, we believe that your Fetch is the entity that travels out of body (and the very name we use for this part of the soul indicates one of its traditional witchcraft purposes), and so I am in essence learning to send one-third of my soul out into the worlds to do my bidding. Fetch has its root in this word.

Astral projection is something that most religions agree upon (although not all scientists!), from the ancient Egyptians to the present day.

Even Christians acknowledge its existence, even if they do not work with the tool religiously: “before the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be shattered at the fountain, or the wheel be broken at the cistern” refers to this practice and is from the book of Ecclesiastes. Paul also talks of astral projection in his second letter to the Corinthians as well. Surprised? So was I!

Many traditional witches use a “flying ointment” or (shamans also use plant allies for this practice) to help with the journey. I am not against such a method, but am learning unassisted this time around- so that I can learn what it is like without aids before I add those into a repertoire. I personally think a witch should be able to do both.

Have any of y’all had out of body experiences? I’d love to hear about them! Feel free to post them in the comments, or email them to me!