Being A Leader Like Attila The Hun

leadership-ppt-090825073418-phpapp01-thumbnail-3So you are looking at home internet businesses because you want a way to earn extra money. What many people fail to realize is the top tier opportunities will make you a Leader. By ‘make’ I mean you will be seen as one by the people you recruit whether you view yourself as a Leader or not.

I believe that great Leaders are made and not born. So the good news is that in work from home careers you can make yourself a great Leader. Wess Roberts in his business book classic, The Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun explains the principles he believes great Leaders need to live by. Wess is a genius at using a real historical figure and real facts known about him and spinning them into today’s world for us to use.

Attila the Hun is a much misunderstood ruler principally because he came so close to ruling large parts of Western Europe. The Romans viewed him as a barbarian. Actually he was less barbaric than the Romans who threw Christians to the lions; he was also far less cruel than Ivan the Terrible, Cortes or Pizzaro.

The most fundamental principle about being a Leader according to Attila is; ‘you have got to want to be a Leader to become a Leader’. If you simply accept being a Leader you will fail and your business partners will leave your team. There are some key pointers to add to this principle:

Avoid letting your wish to be a Leader turn into over eagerness. You have to prepare, gain experience and wait for the right opportunity
Your success as a Leader is based willingness to do hard work
You have to persevere in the face of many challenges
You have to apply massive common sense to solving complex problems
You have to be prepared to make thankless, unrecognized sacrifices for the team
You have to be willing to learn, listen and grow
You have to be willing to remain your natural self
You have be willing to accept you have flaws and learn to improve
Make faults easy to correct to help people succeed
I have written already this week about Dale Carnegie’s view that most mistakes are caused by lack of experience as opposed to lack of ability. This comes from his classic: How to Win Friends and Influence People.

As a Leader in home internet businesses you will need to build a successful team. People who take up work from home careers come from all walks of life. One of the strengths of this type of work is people from many areas can succeed. There is therefore a wide range of skills in your team members.

One of the strengths of direct sales, the type of opportunity I am in, is that you are a sole proprietor yet have the support of a team structure. The other advantage is ‘leverage’. Leverage is when you develop a team of people who are as good, even better than you. This means you gain income from people you recruited as business associates and a percentage of sales made in the organization down to a certain level.

One of the ways to earn extra money is by developing your team. This means understanding and supporting them if they make mistakes. Talk to them in an open way about the mistake however in an indirect way. Explain potential ways in which the issue can be overcome and that it is something that can be overcome quite easily. The person will then focus less on the mistake and more on the solution(s) you have proposed.