How To Thrive On Morale

Attila the Hun is the inspiration for this week’s posts on Leadership income internet businesses. He emphasized to his Chieftains (Leaders) the importance of motivation and discipline. Discipline is definitely something I thought would be outside my work from home career.

However, Wess Roberts the author of the book explains that maintaining morale and discipline is key to being a good Leader. His definitions of what constitutes discipline intrigue me more so than those on motivation which I was familiar with.

These are the key things to consider about motivation and discipline in a direct sales team:

  • Morale and discipline are central to the unity of the team
  • The best test of morale is how well the team members bear up under difficult tasks
  • Discipline is about teaching the correct way to do something as opposed to suppression
  • Morale is the extent to which a team member will submit to the good of the team
  • Leaders must work hard to establish and maintain morale and discipline
  • Discipline allows for individuality
  • Morale is based on pride in being a team member, discipline brings about morale
  • Leaders plan for morale and discipline, they cause it to happen
  • Team members are more likely to follow a Leader who is disciplined
  • Lack of morale and discipline will spread like wildfire if you allow it to
  • Morale and discipline are mainly what a Leader makes of it
  • Good Leaders allow team members to test their discipline by setting tough goals
  • Discipline should be set at a level appropriate to the type of business opportunity

What values do you pass to your business partners?

This week I am looking at Leadership in home internet businesses and using the business book Leadership Secrets of Attila The Hun by Wess Roberts as my inspiration. Today I want to talk about the part ‘values’ play in being a Leader.

Shared values are what hold a team together and the Leader in work at home careers is the one who can impart their team with a set of shared values. Having shared values is different from always agreeing. Shared values are the agreed ways of doing things as a team member you sign up to. If someone is unable to sign up to the shared values then they may become disruptive to the team, so it is essential to understand such team members feelings and then agree with them their future. An ineffective team will affect everybody’s ability to earn extra income which means you must prevent one person from jeopardizing the good of the team.

So what types of values did the Huns hold when ruled by Attila that could be translated into worthwhile values for you as a Leader to impart to your team?

Anyone is capable of being a Leader no matter what their background
Even though you are in competition with other business opportunities behave ethically at all times
Differences and diversities when pooled to the common good make for a stronger team
The team should stick to its values and not water them down for short term gain
Pride in the team’s achievements is morale building, yet be on your guard against false pride
So as can be seen the Huns had values that are inclusive which is why they were so successful under Attila. He was prepared to accept anyone into the Huns provided they adopted their values. He encouraged his Leaders to do away with preconceived ideas about who could and could not be a team member or a Leader for that matter.