The Courage To Be A Leader Like Attila The Hun

images-7Life is about leadership if you want to succeed. Leadership takes courage, here’s why?


I have already given a given a brief overview of the qualities required to be a Leader as outlined in the cult book, Leadership Secrets of Attila The Hun, by Wess Roberts.
What home Internet businesses need when people say you need to be a Leader is concrete advice. If you come into a legitimate home based businesses then you will be expected to be a Leader if you really want to succeed.
Let’s take the example of someone who is working in their opportunity as a part-time job how do they develop courage? Well interestingly enough the simple decision to start your own business shows you have courage. Many people dream about starting their own and that’s all they do – ‘dream’.
Dreaming is what ignites successful people to begin their journey, however it’s the people who take massive action who will succeed.

So how do you develop courage? Many people think that courage is just an innate quality some people have and other people lack. Nothing could be further from the truth. Winston Churchill once said, “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another without any loss in enthusiasm”.
Therefore courage is a mindset as opposed to some inherited ability.

The only way to develop courage is to act and carry out whatever you have planned. If you get unexpected outcomes, including failure, you must analyse what happened and continue.

Each time you do this your confidence will improve and as your confidence improves so will your courage. Directly related to courage is the willingness to accept risks that come along. However accepting unnecessary risks is foolhardy as opposed to courage.


We have seen that courage improves with confidence. In home Internet businesses is to have a supportive environment, at the same time having the chance to be a Leader.

This is why direct sales is an ideal environment for people looking for ways to earn extra money. Legitimate opportunities will have someone who is your Sponsor, the person who introduces you to the business. They also have other people they have sponsored in. This team will have people who excel at different things.

Work with this team and identify ways to improve any weaknesses you have identified. This will improve your confidence, and you will then maintain the courage needed to continue even when you fail.


Home Internet businesses and the marketplace operate in an irrational manner. So what is the Spock effect?


As an Internet Marketer (or prospective Internet Marketer) you will be looking for people to join your home internet business. As we have seen in this series of posts if there is one thing we can predict it’s that people will use lots of things other than logic and reason to choose to join you.

This is what I have come to term, the ‘Spock effect’ when talking to friends about the subject of behavioral economics. The reason I use the term is to demonstrate to people we make most of our decisions based on emotions as opposed to logic. Furthermore it’s now possible to prove we consistently make poor choices over and over and it’s possible to predict which choice people will go for in different situations.

So why Spock? Well it’s because the character of Spock in Star Trek ™ makes all his choices based on logic and reason and yet we find  him a strange character. He looks like us (apart from slightly pointy ears), talks like us but behaves completely differently. If we really did behave rationally all the time, then why do the crew refer to him as ‘cold blooded and calculating’?

The reason is of course we instinctively know we make nearly all our decisions based on emotions, and like to fool ourselves they were rational. They may be rational to us, however they may appear equally irrational to other people.

This is the key lesson people running home Internet businesses need to take from this series. Play to people’s emotions in an ethical way. So remember you are marketing yourself and you have to make yourself an attractive proposition. Attraction marketing works on so many levels other than simply attractive in a superficial way.

I will be exploring attraction marketing in my next series. So look out for more information on how to apply what we have demonstrated about people’s emotion driven behavior in a work at home Internet job.