Character And Leadership

download-11In this short series on Leadership in home Internet businesses using Wess Roberts Leadership Secrets of Attila The Hun as inspiration today I am looking at the character traits of a valuable Leader.

Work from home careers mean you are both your own Leader (of your business) and a network of business associates you create in order to be successful. The more successful your network is the more leverage you have to earn extra income.

Wess Roberts suggests the following as key character traits:

  • The greatness of a Leader can be seen in the sacrifices they are prepared to make for their team
  • Good Leaders are self-reliant, self-confident and even if they occasionally loose they know they have done their best
  • Leaders are often of normal intelligence however they have a need to win, absolute belief that the service they offer is of value and the ability to persist in the face of all obstacles
  • Leaders never take themselves too seriously
  • Wise Leaders always adapt and never compromise
  • Strong Leaders surround themselves with strong team members
  • Leaders learn early that working through hardships gives then the experience needed to help them the rest of their careers
  • Successful Leaders learn to face difficulties and conquer mistakes
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If you want to be successful in home Internet businesses or work from hoe careers you have to stand out, that means avoiding being mediocre.

Today I am handing over the video section of my post to one of the best Bloggers in the world – Seth Godin. In addition to being a Blogger is also a successful entrepreneur. In this video he talks about the mindset of a winner.

Can home Internet businesses really be successful?
A question I am faced with time and again is, ‘Are most home Internet businesses just a get rich quick scheme?’ My answer now is, if you want a get rich quick scheme you have come to the wrong place.

To be successful in home internet businesses you must treat them like work from home careers. They are one of the best ways of earning extra money via the Internet that I know of, and I have tried a few. However it is a business that you must build.

The key to being successful is simple but takes persistence; you have to be prepared to give in order to receive.

In all likelihood you will be like me, I was new to the home Internet business market and realized Internet marketing is made up of a whole set of skills mainly around communication that I would have to learn.

Your focus needs to be on:

  • Developing a unique voice, that makes you stand out from people. Its why for example one of two car dealers who both sell Ford cars is more successful than the other. The more successful one is doing something unique that more people like
  • You must have a marketing plan. This means deciding how much you are going to spend per month, what you are going to spend it on and how you are going to test your results?
    Picking the right type of compensation plan for you. If you want to earn top commissions you will need to join a top tier opportunity. This means a system that works 24/7, 365 days a year, has a real product and decent commissions where you get paid first.