Being A Leader Like Attila The Hun

leadership-ppt-090825073418-phpapp01-thumbnail-3So you are looking at home internet businesses because you want a way to earn extra money. What many people fail to realize is the top tier opportunities will make you a Leader. By ‘make’ I mean you will be seen as one by the people you recruit whether you view yourself as a Leader or not.

I believe that great Leaders are made and not born. So the good news is that in work from home careers you can make yourself a great Leader. Wess Roberts in his business book classic, The Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun explains the principles he believes great Leaders need to live by. Wess is a genius at using a real historical figure and real facts known about him and spinning them into today’s world for us to use.

Attila the Hun is a much misunderstood ruler principally because he came so close to ruling large parts of Western Europe. The Romans viewed him as a barbarian. Actually he was less barbaric than the Romans who threw Christians to the lions; he was also far less cruel than Ivan the Terrible, Cortes or Pizzaro.

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Character And Leadership

download-11In this short series on Leadership in home Internet businesses using Wess Roberts Leadership Secrets of Attila The Hun as inspiration today I am looking at the character traits of a valuable Leader.

Work from home careers mean you are both your own Leader (of your business) and a network of business associates you create in order to be successful. The more successful your network is the more leverage you have to earn extra income.

Wess Roberts suggests the following as key character traits:

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Leadership Tips Based On Star Trek The Next Generation

images-4I recently rediscovered two of the very early books I read on Leadership soon after I had been promoted to a Senior Manager. The Leadership qualities required of a Senior Manager are not that different from those required by an entrepreneur.

Any successful network marketer will have a large network organization. Depending on the type of commission structure your organization can become truly huge, rivaling that of an SME. Where the truly successful marketers have succeeded is they are great Leaders.

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Debunking The Myths Of Online Management Courses

Today I have something different for you, I want to talk to about a distance-learning course, you are sure to come across various kinds of advice. Some will tell you it is a great idea while others would say it is just a waste of time. How do you separate the misconceptions from the facts? Here is a quick glance at the common misconceptions.

These courses are completely different from traditional ones.
Open learning gives students the opportunity to enhance knowledge while handling other responsibilities. The only difference between online courses and traditional ones is the method of delivery. No other difference exists.

These are much easier than their traditional counterparts are.
Suppose you enroll in the management courses offered by Kaplan Open Learning. The enrollment criteria, the admission procedure, the course, the assessments, and all others are similar to anything you experience in any full-time course.
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Effective Communication – A Great Leadership Skill

johncmaxwell383606Effective communication is one of the greatest skills a great leader can have. In fact, communication is your ‘bread and butter’, and it is because so many involved in this market fail to see this, they themselves eventually fail. To effectively communicate you must ensure your message is understood, and the only way you can check that is to ask for feedback on your performance.

Interestingly many  Leaders confuse a ‘briefing’ with effective communication. If all you do is ’speak at’ your team and then don’t invite questions you are either a) pontificating and showing off your knowledge, b) insecure and cannot deal with feedback in case it is negative or c) engaged in a rousing exercise or information giving exercise.

Both these latter two can be much more effectively done by a Newsletter type approach. There is nothing worse than spending an hour being on a webinar than to hear it end with, well that’s the end of today’s call unless there are any questions. The very phrase is underlain with an implied threat, i.e. I want to clear off unless someone is a nuisance enough to ask a question.

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The Courage To Be A Leader Like Attila The Hun

images-7Life is about leadership if you want to succeed. Leadership takes courage, here’s why?


I have already given a given a brief overview of the qualities required to be a Leader as outlined in the cult book, Leadership Secrets of Attila The Hun, by Wess Roberts.
What home Internet businesses need when people say you need to be a Leader is concrete advice. If you come into a legitimate home based businesses then you will be expected to be a Leader if you really want to succeed.
Let’s take the example of someone who is working in their opportunity as a part-time job how do they develop courage? Well interestingly enough the simple decision to start your own business shows you have courage. Many people dream about starting their own and that’s all they do – ‘dream’.
Dreaming is what ignites successful people to begin their journey, however it’s the people who take massive action who will succeed.
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