How To Allow People To Save Face

leadership-booksIn How to Win Friends and Influence People (HTWFAIP), Dale Carnegie advises if you feel the need to point out a genuine error then it is important you allow the person to save face.

He says that if you ‘paint someone into a corner’ then they have no way out. You may have made your point and in the process you have made a potential enemy.

How does this relate to home internet businesses? In such a work from home career you will usually be looking for business associates or distributors, unless you are simply selling products. As such you are not a ‘manager’ but a Leader who those people are looking up to.

Most top tier home business opportunities offer training packages for their business associates. All successful entrepreneurs will tell you that one of the secrets to success is having a system people can duplicate.

This may lead to a situation where a colleague is doing something that may harm their business and potentially the success of the whole network. Research has shown that most mistakes are made due to a lack of experience rather than a lack of ability. Given this is the case then you can enable the person to correct the problem and you can leave them a way out.

One method is to make it clear you value them by pointing out specifically what you value in their work. Then you can mention the error and ask open questions about what the person thinks? You then allow them to consider the issue and improve themselves. This is because they can improve their ability with experience, you have the experience and you can pass it on.


This week I am covering Dale Carnegie on Leadership from his classic How to Win Friends and Influence People (HTWFAIP).

In a home internet opportunity such as direct sales the strength of the business model comes from three things:

Get Paid Today – You get paid commission for the person who becomes a business associate when their qualifying payment is received. No waiting for monthly commission checks for your first sales.
Business owner – You are selling valuable products produced by someone else and you are your own business owner and enjoy the associated benefits
Teams – This is the ‘network’ aspect. It is in my best interest to ensure anyone who joins me follows the training provided and I support them if they have questions. We operate as a team all aiming to earn extra income
There may be an occasion when you see a team member simply doing something that has to be corrected for their own good. This is termed constructive criticism and its aim is to help the person develop. The way in which you handle giving this feedback can make or break any trust you have.

A good recognized technique is the ‘good news, bad news’ sandwich technique. This involves starting by pointing out the good work the person already does, then you mention the thing you have noticed you want correcting and can ask what they think? You will often find the person is aware of the problem but is unaware of how to correct it. This is where you step in and suggest an alternative approach. It is vital you end the conversation by re-enforcing they are a valued member of the team. This technique makes it clear you are commenting on the behavior you would like correcting by stressing to the person has other qualities you value.


In the continuing series of advice from Dale Carnegie’s, How to Win Friends and Influence People, this post covers the use of dramatization in work from home careers.

He points out many of his students reported to the class one of the ways to make extra money is to use dramatic examples. In a home internet opportunity it is possible to use the same techniques as Hollywood and TV.

Essentially both of them use story telling or, drama, as a way of getting across their message. Becoming an entrepreneur is the only way to achieve true financial freedom. A report issued last year said that most of the foreclosures in the USA would have been prevented by the person having just an extra $250 a month.

Imagine those people had full-time jobs and many had worked for years yet could not get the extra $250 to prevent them losing their home. One of the key things wealthy people realize is it is essential to have multiple sources of income.

For example the business opportunity I am with has multiple sources of income. There is the initial commission on the sale then monthly residual income from developing a team of business associates.

This is one of the flexible things about a work from home opportunity. Many of my colleagues start in full time employment using the opportunity to supplement their salary. As they become successful they can become financially free simply from their home business. Some continue to do a form of paid employment and a work from opportunity.