How To Allow People To Save Face

leadership-booksIn How to Win Friends and Influence People (HTWFAIP), Dale Carnegie advises if you feel the need to point out a genuine error then it is important you allow the person to save face.

He says that if you ‘paint someone into a corner’ then they have no way out. You may have made your point and in the process you have made a potential enemy.

How does this relate to home internet businesses? In such a work from home career you will usually be looking for business associates or distributors, unless you are simply selling products. As such you are not a ‘manager’ but a Leader who those people are looking up to.

Most top tier home business opportunities offer training packages for their business associates. All successful entrepreneurs will tell you that one of the secrets to success is having a system people can duplicate. Continue reading →

How To Thrive On Morale

Attila the Hun is the inspiration for this week’s posts on Leadership income internet businesses. He emphasized to his Chieftains (Leaders) the importance of motivation and discipline. Discipline is definitely something I thought would be outside my work from home career.

However, Wess Roberts the author of the book explains that maintaining morale and discipline is key to being a good Leader. His definitions of what constitutes discipline intrigue me more so than those on motivation which I was familiar with.

These are the key things to consider about motivation and discipline in a direct sales team:

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Learning The Craft: Astral Projection

So the latest skill that I am learning from my Feri teacher is astral projection (or traveling out of body). To prepare me, she had me read a book called Out of Body Adventures, which, while a tad dated, has some great practical how to information on overcoming fears and obstacles and the mechanics of making it happen. It’s an easy read and makes a seemingly daunting subject accessible.

I have traveled out of body before, but the outings were never planned. Sometimes I would start while sleeping and realize that I was not actually dreaming. I’ve met people and been places this way that I could recount in full detail.

Another time I was being led in a guided meditation in a high school class and just took off! I reported my adventures to my teacher, who was stupefied but attentive as I recounted my journey. But traveling intentionally with a purpose is a new activity to me, and I hope to get good at it.

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What Is Your Personal Development Trajectory?

How are we improving over time? That’s a valid question, right?leader-small-1024x727

You see, I’ve been a big guy my whole life. At college I was a big guy, always having a job on the side, and always calculating what I was making. Through my early twenties and thirties, my weight varied from 240 to 270 pounds.  At almost six feet tall, it’s pretty safe to say….I was a chunky monkey.

Here’s where I was:

  • Married with kids
  • Working my butt off during the day
  • Fast Food Diet
  • I started work early so couldn’t hit the gym before work
  • I wanted to be home with the fam, so wouldn’t hit the gym after work
  • I hadn’t had success in the past working out at home
  • And to top it all off, when I became stressed I turned to food for relief!

Plenty of excuses to go around right?  Well, that’s the way I lived for the first decade of my married life.

Up to that point I had periodically done (and still do) a very effective personal development exercise.  I would meditate on this one question:

What’s the one thing I could change right now in my life that would make the most difference?

For years and years I had the same answer.  It was always to exercise and eat right. This was my one stumbling block…..for what seemed like ages.  I just couldn’t seem to kick it!


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When Your Kids Say: ‘You’re Stupid’

I guess the first times my daughter told me I was stupid, I was really offended. I probably used some violence in my reaction. I won´t be specific, I can’t even remember exactly what kind of violence I used (screaming probably, threatening, maybe a combination of that with a more physical input of my state of mind).

I thought that I couldn’t stand her calling me stupid. I thought that I shouldn’t let her do it to me. As in, ¨I can’t accept my daughter telling me this. If I let her call me names, she will not learn to respect me.¨

Luckily, both for me and her, I quit that old way of reacting and I started to respond more intelligently. Now, I think that taking it personally is really stupid.

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Life Is A Team Sport – Choose Your Team Carefully

images-8In this last of 8 discussions on Robert Kiyosaki’s 8 New Rules of Money in his online collaboarative work, soon to be book,  The Conspiracy of The Rich.
This post focuses on his 8 aspects to integrity which he says if you follow you will be building your business of bricks that the next ‘big bad wolf’ can’t blow down.

His eight integrities are:

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The 17 Top Leadership Qualities

To be successful you need to be a Leader, therefore, identifying these qualities and developing any areas where you feel you are weak. In the last post, I identified the first eight of these qualities. Below are 17 qualities Leverage is simply the term for being able to get income from work done by others.


In 1985 Wess Roberts Ph.D. wrote a management classic Leadership Secrets of Attila The Hun, which became a New York Times Best Seller.

He uses the documented life of Attila The Hun as an allegory for the secret to Leadership. In a work from home company, the idea of ‘leverage’ is key. Leverage is what makes a business a business as opposed to being self-employed. Leverage is an income stream that is based on the work of others and which would continue even if you personally stopped work. To do this you need to have systems and leadership.

Wess Roberts identified 17 qualities that are required in all true Leaders: Continue reading →

Successful people live by a positive philosophy

In the introduction to his book The Slight Edge, Jeff Olsen emphasizes that ‘The Slight Edge’ is a philosophy. My idea of philosophy before reading this book was of a rather academic thing. Jeff however says that philosophy is basically your outlook on life, the values you live by.

Successful people have been found to live by a positive philosophy. He says a positive philosophy has some basic parts. A key part is that, counter to commonly held beliefs, truly successful people ‘get lucky all the time”, at school. work, relationship. However a legitimate top tier opportunity is never  “easy come”.

I work with people who take an online course so they can earn their HSE (high school equivalency) diploma, but I hear just excuse after excuse. They have so many excuses, I hear them saying, others get lucky and they (test takers and dreamers) are victims. OMG, these people need not only math and science lessons, they need a positive thinking course.

The story of the water hyacinth at the start of the book and shows the need to have these two things to be successful – persistence and time. If you plant a single water hyacinth in a pond it will cover an average sized pond in 30 days. The interesting thing about the story is several weeks can go by and you would never notice any real increase in the number of water hyacinths.

At day 15 you would notice a patch about the size of a mattress. By day 29 the pond would be 50% covered. Now your type of philosophy would come into play if you were asked, ‘Could the pond be covered by the remaining day?’ Continue reading →

What’s the success of Apple?

The success of Apple can be summed up in three words; style, innovation and reliability. If you actually look at the best home Internet businesses they have learned similar lessons. How do these factors, or ’secrets’ make a difference?

Style – Apple’s products have a strong focus on style or presentation. If you think back to the first MP3 players they were small, USB drive like and had a tiny LED screen. Then came the iPod™, something doing the same job but it had style and looked desirable. Apple’s product launch presentations are now actually studied as best practice.

I read an article which said that Steve Jobs was so good at presentations he had ‘earned’ the right as a CEO to wear a black casual shirt and jeans. Can you think of another CEO, apart from possibly Richard Branson, who would do a presentation dressed like he was going for a walk in the park?

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The Importance Of Initiative And Engagement

images-5This is the third in a series of Leadership Lessons From Star Trek The Next Generation and looks at the importance of initiative.

The STNG Episode concerned was when the Enterprise went to investigate what looked like a large sphere. It turned out to be a huge metal sphere constructed around a Sun. It was of such a vast size it was acting like a black hole and the Enterprise was in danger of being stuck permanently inside the sphere.

Geordie LaForge used his initiative and used an old Starship that had become trapped in the gravity well and managed to maneouvre it to jam open the sphere’s doors. He then beamed back to the Enterprise and they managed to escape the gravitational pull of the sphere. It was this initiative that saved the lives of the whole crew.

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